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    Great for securing almost any sort of gear to your pack, these SR BUCKLE STRAPS connect to multiple points on the packs to attach heavier items to your pack. The SR buckles feature a cam-lock which insures a secure tie-down.


"I love these backpacks. Modern, minimal, black-on-black, water-resistant, tough build, and unique construction techniques. I use this bag to haul smaller pieces of gear on tour, which can be really hard on bags and gear, use it to carry all of my meeting prep for business at home, then empty it out and use it as a carry-on for two day trips. Super versatile, always looks clean & subtle, and never makes me look like a tool."

- Ryan, USA

"I've just ordered our fourth kit. It's fantastic gear. We have a lot of specialty materials that need to be packed efficiently and quickly. A mishmash that will include electronics such as laptop and projector, testing materials, and books. The modular system lets us pack up what's needed and check things in and out fast. Once I was caught in a downpour and was drenched before I could get inside 10 minutes later, but never worried about the gear inside my waterproof pack."

- Jim, USA

"I am a travel photographer and needed a bag to suit my gear needs in a well designed package. The Black Ember pack is the bag I had always been waiting for! Where my experience with Black Ember exceeded my expectations was when I reached out to work out a expedited shipping date in order to use my bag for a corresponding trip. They were able to accommodate. It arrived just in time and the Black Ember crew was phenomenal!"

- Alex, USA

"My pack just survived its first big field test. Five days of mud, beer, rain, rough beating, and rock n' roll. Not a single drop of water or beer went inside!"

- Adrian, Switzerland