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    The CITADEL is a minimal utilitarian pack made for urban lifestyles.

    The clean modern aesthetic and premium performance textiles are right at home in the city, and the airflow back panel, 3D shoulder straps & IPX-06 waterproof rated construction make it clear that this pack can go anywhere.

    We offer the CITADEL in two variants : MINIMAL and MODULAR. The CITADEL MINIMAL is a sleek, discreet, minimal urban backpack. The CITADEL MODULAR is a pack system that adapts on the fly, adjusting to your daily needs.

    Whether you’re headed to the city streets, or halfway around the world, Black Ember keeps you in performance comfort and your gear fully protected.


    The CITADEL MODULAR is a pack system that adapts on the fly, adjusting to your daily needs. The CITADEL MODULAR is complimented by a range of modular accessories, we call them MODs. Our latest generation MODs feature instantly secure magnetic hardware. Once the magnets lock onto your pack, simply click the fail-safe clasp into place to ensure total security. With four unique modular pouches and a range of straps, you can spec out your CITADEL MODULAR as you see it.

    The CITADEL MODULAR features our latest performance textile : the 900-Denier 3-Layer Micro-Hex in Deep Black. This textile is specified to reduce reflection and keep you stealthy. Our proprietary laser-cut and bonded construction yields an IPX-06 waterproof rating. This means that it’s built to stay dry even when sprayed with a 1,000 PSI water jet.

    We leverage technical fit and functional knowledge from our outdoor performance design legacy to give the CITADEL great support, comfort & balance, even under heavy loads. The CITADELS' body contoured back panel is a composite construction that maintains a shape that hugs your back. Our airflow channel funnels hot air off your back and keeps you dry. Our 3D shoulder straps are crafted from two layers of EVA foam. One maintains structure and the other creates a soft body conscious fit. Both make for a comfy ride, even when your pack is fully loaded.

    *The CITADEL PACK comes with one SIDE HANDLE. Order an extra SIDE HANDLE and keep two handles on your pack at all times for efficient transport in briefcase style carry. The CITADEL PACK does not come with compression straps. Please order straps separately.


"I am absolutely blown away with the quality and the precise details you have put into this bag. I did not expect the bag to uncover so much potential but I am still discovering ways to mod my bag. It is extremely comfortable, versatile, stylish. Keep up the amazing work"

"The Black Ember V4 is for sure the best travel bag I have ever used! So much thought and care were put into the design of the V4. Highly customizable and modular. Super well built with high quality materials. Most comfortable straps that I've ever worn hands down!"

"After flying for over twenty years each week and trying a new brand approximately every year, this backpack is my personal Holy Grail of all backpacks I ever had and have. I can customize it whenever I need a different configuration. No matter if I travel with a 2nd notebook or needing an extra space for my Leica camera equipment. You did a great job and have an awesome product"

"I use my backpack for all my business traveling. I travel almost every week for multiple days and I constantly get comments and questions about it. I managed to trim down and minimize what I take with me on my trips enough that I only bring the backpack and no other carry-on or checked luggage. I also fly on small planes and being able to take off the pouches to fit in the small overhead compartments is a great thing. Once I get to my destination, I take off the laptop sleeve and go to my meetings with the sleeve only"

"I am a travel photographer and needed a bag to suit my gear needs in a well designed package. The V4 was the bag I had always been waiting for! Where my experience with Black Ember exceeded my expectations was when I reached out to work out a expedited shipping date in order to use my bag for a corresponding trip. They were able to accommodate. It arrived just in time and the Black Ember crew was phenomenal!"

"This pack has been with me in a lot of travels. California, North Carolina, Boston, Austin, Jamaica, Canada (in a blizzard), Ukraine, and Denmark. I've packed it with 15" Retina Macbook Pro's and my new ultra light Macbook. Tools, boxes, cameras, and more have all lived in this backpack. In the car, on the bus, the train, the ferry. The customizing from day to day is easy. Every one I show the pouch switching to is blown away"

"I had searched high and low for over 6 months to find a backpack that would 'tick all the boxes'. I purchased my pack over 6 months ago and it has not let me down. The main advantage is the flexibility of configuration. I travel for work and pleasure and this pack fits all my needs. Business: I cycle to work. It is weatherproof, accepts bike lock mount and rear lights easily. Neatly fits my business clothes, ready to change on arrival at the office, crease free. A must is the laptop it. Recreation: We hike and camp. We used it for an extended weekend Euro train backpacking. Had multiple comments of praise from other European travelers & store owners where they could get one from!"

"As a firefighter I always like to see purpose, customizability and quality in any equipment I buy. So I'm happy to say that I absolutely LOVE my Black Ember pack. It's building quality is without doubt the best I've seen in a long time and it looks awesome"

"Looking for a strong and waterproof backpack, I found with Black Ember an awesome backpack and also a nice team which really take care of their customer. I warmly recommend"

"I've just got my pack and I have to say it, it's the perfect everyday pack. Awesome quality products, and amazing customer service. Everything related to Black Ember is a great pleasure"