"I have not seen this much thought put into a bag in a long time. In fact, maybe ever. Maybe I’ve never seen this much thought put into a backpack. It’s really quite cool"
Joe Allam / V4 Pack Video Review


"The V4 uses lots of great material, it's well made, and highly customizable"

Bo Ismono / V4 Pack Video Review


"As a product evaluator, I try to maintain my objectivity, but I have to say––I love this pack"

Christophe Noel Overland Journal


"In the past few weeks I have taken this bag to London and Verona, on planes, trains and automobiles and it has been the perfect travel companion" 

Morgan Gales / Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine


"I've been using this bag for traveling, business, and to haul electronics around, and it absolutely nails those uses"

Douglas Davidson / Carryology 


"With all of the different places to put things this becomes my mobile office on the go"

Sean Macdonald / Cycle World Magazine